10 tips on how to choose a mattress for a child

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11 December 2019

A tired child is never a happy child, and an unhappy child means exhausted, sleep-deprived parents! Therefore, it is important to find the right cradle with a suitable mattress for your baby then you can enjoy peace and quiet, happy that your child is comfortably sleeping.

Vertical cradle for children

For a child up to several months, a vertical cradle is an excellent choice, because its movement is much healthier and more convenient for the child than the conventional cradles.

You can have a vertical cradle next to your bed and put it in motion without any effort, safe in the knowledge that your child is experiencing the greatest pleasure and benefits.

Vertical cradles are ideal for moving from room to room due to their small size and light weight so you can keep an eye on your child all the time.

How to choose the best mattress for a child?

To provide your child with the most comfortable rest, and the best position to lie in, consider the following information when choosing a mattress for your child.

Pay attention to the density of the mattress

The more dense the child’s mattress, the better. One of the best tests you can do to check the density of the mattress is squeeze your hands on the sides of the mattress. If you can squeeze it easily, it is not dense enough.

Choose a spring mattress

One of the main advantages of spring mattresses is that they last longer than foam because of their steel springs, which will withstand pressure over time.So look for a mattress that has at least 150 springs.


Make sure your child’s mattress is waterproof. Small children are prone to expelling and spilling all kinds of liquids, so buy waterproof or at least a waterproof cover to protect it.

Choose a washable mattress

Mites accumulate on mattresses, which can be a problem for all children, especially those suffering from allergies. So you need to make sure that the mattress is washable.

Ecological materials

You should definitely consider buying an eco-friendly mattress, which do not contain any harmful chemicals such as polyurethane, FLACo, phthalates, flame retardants or any other fumes or heavy metals.

Sleeping posture

A good cot mattress must be hard enough to care for the proper posture of the child as well as soft padding tohelp the spine preserve natural curvature.

Think about the future

Buying a mattress is not something you do every day or even every year. A good mattress can have a very long life. So choose well to make sure you buy a child’s mattress that is durable enough to serve for years.

Strength of materials

A child’s mattress should be made from strong, high-quality materials to ensure its survival against whatever activities or spillages a child can inflict.


Even if a mattress is cleaned before use, and frequently thereafter, mites will begin to develop sooner or later. So consider weekly cleaning , of bed linen and airing of the cover.

Hard mattress

Most mattresses for children have an average hardness, which should be suitable for children of all ages. However if you think the mattress is not hard enough, you may also consider purchasing a mattress overlay to help you adjust its hardness.

Remember that the mattress has a very large impact on the comfort of your child’s sleep and rest, so choose a mattress that will take care of their bodies.

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