Dreamer is a cradle of dreams and love

created from both ...

How did it start?

The creator of the Dreamer cradle was our designer Bogusław - a man who can build anything. Boguś and his wife Sandra were expecting their first child, little Zosia was about to be born.

Sandra is a physiotherapist and from her own experience she knows that babies need to be stimulated immediately after birth (and also in the mother's womb!).

Therefore, both Sandra and Bogusław wanted their baby Zosia to have the best development from the first days of her life. Sandra talked about what movements work best for such babies, and Boguś's began to think up a design in his head.


Such a design has never been created before.

New parents wanted something different. Everyone is familiar with cradles that swing traditionally, right and left and this movement is also needed, but they wanted something better. The cradle should also swing back and forth and this way the Dreamer cradle project came into being.

Our mission - to support the development of babies around the world

We don't want to keep our cradle just for ourselves.

This is a wonderful invention that will help parents with the first months of their beloved baby's life and positively affect the child’s development.

We created the cradle from its inception through to the finished product and we want it to be recognized by the whole world. This is not just a piece of furniture. Its extraordinary value comes from providing children with the best development, safety and intimacy with their parents.

Get to know the opinions of specialists about the Dreamer cradle

Dear Parent, choose the Dreamer cradle if:

You want to cultivate the potential of your baby from an early age and provide him with the best possible development.

You don't want to buy a crib for only a short time and waste your money. The Dreamer cradle will serve you for at least 7 years.

Get to know the opinions of specialists about the cradle Dreamer

  • Joanna Goliszek
    The most beneficial movement for the child is a sliding linear motion with a slight deviation from the level towards the child's head-to-leg position as it naturally occurs when a mother rocks her child in her arms. These activities from the birth of the child allow the mother to establish a fundamental bond with him, which is the basis of a wonderful child-parent relationship.
    Joanna Goliszek
    Psychologist, Sensory Integration Therapist
  • Natalia Chruściel–Janas
    I am delighted with the Dreamer cradle. This unusual combination of two methods of rocking; front - back and right-left, perfectly affects the proper course of integration of the vestibular system stimuli from the very first moments of a child's life. Such stimulation ensures proper development of the infant. Rocking for me is absolutely crucial. This is one of the most natural ways to calm and stimulate the child, always known. Dreamer is much more than just a cradle. Nothing replaces closeness with the parent, and this cradle enables closeness and stimulation. Well done for the idea!
    Natalia Chruściel–Janas
    Speech and language therapist
  • Magdalena Bonowicz
    The rocking directions of the cradle, front - back and right-left, are natural for the child, because they remind him of the time spent in his mother's womb, when the child perceived each movement of mummy as a gentle swinging. What I particularly like about this cradle is that the front-back movement is exactly the same movement that the baby feels when the parents rock it in their arms. This allows you to establish a wonderful relationship with the baby and give him a sense of security.
    Magdalena Bonowicz
    Physiotherapist, SI therapist
  • Hanna Chmura
    The cradle allows gentle stimulation of the vestibular system of the developing baby's brain. The baby receives sensations from this system from about 10 weeks of pregnancy. The gentle, smooth cradle movement front-back is very pleasant for the baby, makes the baby calm down quickly and stimulates learning abilities.
    Hanna Chmura
    Sensory Integration Therapist

Dear Parent, choose the Dreamer cradle if:

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