Dreamer is not an ordinary cradle, which will stop being useful for your child after a few months. A toddler can use it for up to 7 years.

See what distinguishes it from all other cradles and cots available on the market:

The Dreamer cradle movement supports your baby's nervous system and intelligence

With this cradle you can rock your toddler in two ways, which are key to his development. The classic „sideways” oraz ruch „forward-backward”.

This first cradle movement stimulates the production of neuronal connections in the brain, which increases the child's intellectual potential. The "front-back" movement positively affects the development of the vestibular system of the brain.

Babies whose vestibular system is regularly stimulated by rocking gain weight faster, and see and hear earlier. The vestibular system is responsible for the coordination of vision and hearing with movement, as well as for balance, posture and physical fitness.

Therefore, dear parents, it is worthwhile paying attention to it today. Additionally, the „front-back” movement is natural for a parent who rocks his little one in her arms, so the little one associates it with safety and peace..

Brilliant convenience and comfort for you and your toddler

Parents, you won't have to get out of your warm and comfortable bed when feeding time comes or when your baby needs your closeness.

The cradle has compact dimensions, so you can put it in the bedroom and bring it to your bed which means the baby is close to you and at the same time you sleep in your bed. The cradle has a sliding side - you can lower it and have your baby at your fingertips at any time. In addition, the cradle, once set in motion, swings up to 18 times by itself, so you do not have to constantly move the cradle.

You can touch, pat, hug your baby so that it feels your closeness all the time and his sleep is calmer..

Get to know the opinion of Hanna Chmura a sensory integration therapist:

The cradle allows gentle stimulation of the vestibular system of the developing baby's brain. The baby receives sensations from this system from about 10 weeks of pregnancy. The gentle, smooth cradle movement front-back is very pleasant for the baby, makes the baby calm down quickly and stimulates learning abilities.

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A position that makes breathing easier

Dreamer is a cradle and cot in one.

You can rock the baby in it but the cradle can be stationary and stable whenever you need, due to its special lock. In addition, you can arrange the cradle at an angle of 3.5 degrees so the baby can lie in a position that will facilitate his breathing.

This is especially important if he has breathing problems. Sleeping at an angle of 3.5 degrees also reduces the risk of choking or vomiting the recently drunk milk. The cradle ensures your baby’s safety and comfort..

Dreamer cradle is an investment for years

When buying a regular cot, we know that after a few months it becomes useless as the child quickly grows out of it.

However, the Dreamer cradle will grow with your baby. You can easily transform it into a rocker, in which the toddler will be able to play and develop. You can move the baby to whichever room you are in. Thus, whether you are cooking dinner, cleaning the apartment, or are in the middle of a well-deserved tea break, you can closely watch your child. When they grow up, you can transform the cradle into a play table or small desk..

Remarkably, the cradle can also change into a rocking horse, a cute unicorn, a supercar or a boat. So the Dreamer cradle can replace ordinary furniture and toys and will serve you for up to 7 years.

Read the opinion of sensory integration therapist and psychologist - Joanna Goliszek:

The most beneficial movement for the child is a sliding linear motion with a slight deviation from the level towards the child's head-to-leg position as it naturally occurs when a mother rocks her child in her arms. These activities from the birth of the child allow the mother to establish a fundamental bond with him, which is the basis of a wonderful child-parent relationship.

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Total safety for your baby

Creating the perfect cradle was our priority.

That is why we use only materials and raw materials that are Oeko-tex® Standard 100 certified and are free of harmful substances such as pesticides or formaldehyde.

The wood used for the cradle comes from sustainable FSC certified plantations in Austria which means it is from a legal and responsible source and has no negative impact on the environment.

The cradle itself is made by hand by an experienced carpenter. – Dreamer is perfectly refined in every respect.

The cradle’s mattress is made of bamboo. Its fibers allow perfect airflow, which prevents the formation of mold and the spread of allergenic microorganisms.

According to numerous studies, a person placed on a bamboo mattress enters a state of relaxation faster, making sleep more effective and last longer.

Comfort during trips and travel

You can easily fold the cradle in a few minutes, without any complicated instructions or tools!

You can unfold it just as easily and quickly. Therefore, the cradle can go with you if you are planning a trip to the family or on vacation with your child...

It is extremely light – it weighs only 12 kg together with the mattress, and when folded its dimensions are so small that it fits easily into the trunk.

So, even when away from home, your little one will sleep peacefully in a familiar place.

Find out the opinion of the sensory integration therapist and physiotherapist - Magdalena Bonowicz:

The rocking directions of the cradle, front - back and right-left, are natural for the child, because they remind him of the time spent in his mother's womb, when each movement of mummy the child perceived as a gentle swinging. What I particularly like about this cradle is that the front-back movement is exactly the same movement that the baby feels when the parents rock it in their arms. This allows you to establish a wonderful relationship with the baby and give him a sense of security.

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