Do you want to know how to choose a cot or convert a cot?

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19 March 2020

Since cots and cradles are the basic furniture that should be in a toddler’s room, everyone will surely find something they need – something traditional, yet usable and that suits every pocket. We searched expert opinions for some solutions, and also read parents’ opinions about popular products. The results are unanimous. The DREAMER vertical cradle is second to none!

DREAMER vertical cradle

The DREAMER cradle is a robust and convenient solution for your child’s needs. It is a high-end piece of furniture, with a unique adaptable design. The DREAMER vertical cradle takes up little space, and is very easy and convenient to carry.

The DREAMER cradle is a very special type of cradle. It is a vertical, which means that set in motion, it makes certain movements that are able to more affect the peace and relaxation that gives the child rest in the cradle. The movements of Dreamer vertical cradle reminds the child of when it was in the mother’s womb. The infant perceives this as comforting and the best place to rest.

Your child’s safety with DREAMER vertical cradle

Infants need a lot of sleep, and for the first two years of their lives, they spend on average more time sleeping than functioning. Regardless of whether the child is sleeping in the cradle or in the crib, the safety of the furniture should definitely be taken into account. It is worth taking the time to choose the right one for yourself and for your children.

Where to put a cradle for a child?

Infants have less control over the temperature of their body, so the baby cradle should not be near a radiator or window that allows excessive sunlight through. Nor should the infant’s cradle be located near electrical wires orelectronic devices.

Inside the cot

The manufacturer of vertical cradle DREAMER recommends that the safest choice is not to put soft toys, blocks, food, etc. into the cradle. – including leaving them there for a long time. Yes, the child can play in the DREAMER cradle, it will certainly be a unique experience for him, however the highest quality of sleep happens without unnecessary objects around him – this applies to all products in the series cradle and beds. This is because previous studies have clearly shown that the safest way to have a child’s sleep peacefully is to use a flat mattress with medium or high hardness and to provide the child with a full sleeping space.

Some items added to cots or cradles for children may increase the risk of head trauma and accidents. This is due to the risk of suffocation and/or impact, as well as the possibility that they can be used to climb when the child becomes more active. However, this does not apply to DREAMER vertical cradles, which for good reason are considered the safest accessories for children of infancy.

And what if you want to convert a baby cot?

You probably asked yourself more than once what to do with a cot, because the child grows out of it so quickly! Like any furniture, including a cot, you can give a second life by recycling. From a baby cot you can make a bench, a swing, a desk and even a shelter for a dog. Szczebelki are often used as a bike rack or a hanger for children’s toys. With just a little imagination and skill, anyone with a tool set can turn a cot into another practical item.

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