How do you choose baby bedding and a child’s desk chair?

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11 December 2019
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11 December 2019

Good bedding makes it easier to fall asleep and sleep well, so it is so important that the child has a comfortable set from an early age. The same applies to the chair at the desk, if it is uncomfortable can cause spinal problems. Find out what your child needs.

Good material for bedding

Shops offer plenty of sleeping products for children including pillows, pillowslips, duvets, blankets and sheets,often with tempting prices and colors. The materials and fabrics, however, are more important than the price. Children’s bedding should be made of natural materials, preferably high quality cotton. This ensures that moisture evaporation will be normal and the skin will breathe. Artificial materials block airflow, causing the child to overheat, wake more often, and is more flammable. This applies to all the bedding including pillowslips and duvet covers.

Rules for the care of bedding

For cot bedding it is important to note the washing temperature because this bed linen is often subject to more soiling. Kits that allow the manufacturer to wash them at high temperatures will work best. The higher, the better as this guarantees eliminating dirt as well as mites that like to stay in bed linen, which can lead to the development of allergies in children. Note that very colorful bedding – so tempting for a child – has to be washed at lower temperatures, 30-40 degrees, Celsius. Ironing will remove any microbes if you are worried about this.

Bedding for the season or for the whole year

A practical solution is to buy children’s bed linen for the whole year. The duvet and pillow are adapted to changing conditions outside and at home. In summer, they are airy, while in winter they warm the child. Before purchasing, it is necessary to check whether the bedding has an ecological anti-allergic filling, which prevents mites, fungi and bacteria.

As the child grows, new bedding sizes are needed, especially duvets. When looking for bedding for a 2-3 year old, you can buy a little bigger, so that it is useful for several years.

Baby desk chair – height adjustment

Children’s furniture, such as desk chairs, requires more attention and a detailed adjustment of dimensions and height, as it is important to consider spinal health

With the correct height adjustment, the child will be able to adapt them to individual needs, ensuring that they sit high enough to do their homework and other work at the desk without slouching. It will also make it easier to position their legs on the floor.

It is also important to adjust the backrest of the chair to the child’s desk so that the young student can straighten and have his back perpendicular to the ground.

Backrest in a child’s chair

The backrest in the desk chair is particularly important. It should be matched to the shape of the back. A good backrest should end above the shoulder blades, although a higher chair will also be comfortable, with a headrest so that the child can rest his neck.

Armrests for convenience

Armrests are also an important factor to stabilize the arms in the right position, make it difficult to slouch and give the child comfort while working in the desk chair.

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