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12 March 2020
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26 March 2020

The baby duvet is an important part of cot equipment. The cot is a toddler’s place of residence for many hours so it should be comfortable because small children often sense and react to any even the slightest discomfort. Increasingly recommended by specialists are so-called load duvets. What are these, when are they useful and what should you look for when choosing such a duvet for a child?

What is a weighted blanket?

The load duvet is also called a sensory blanket. It is the most recommended therapeutic product for children who have problems with sensory integration. Any parent who notices in their child, psychophysical disorders (ADHD, Down syndrome, autism, Asperger’s syndrome), concentration problems, nervousness or any discomfort resulting from the stimuli received or the emergence of new situations, should consider buying such a duvet, as it can be very helpful.

How does such a load weighted blanket work?

During sleep, the child provokes a gentle pressure on his body, which leads to stimulating the proprioceptive system, which is responsible for deep sensation (it is about the sense of orientation regarding the arrangement of the body). Proprioceptive system receptors are localized in muscles and tendons, so the body knows what’s happening. This increases body awareness, relaxes, calms and reduces feelings of anxiety and uncertainty. These skills are necessary in everyday life for all actions.

How do I use a weighted blanket?

The sensory blanket can be used during any rest period, night or day. In addition, it is worth performing the fun and exercises recommended by the therapist, so that the effects of therapy will be even better. The weighted blanket soothes and calms the body.

The results are noticeable even after the first use of the blanket. The child sleeps better and deeper, so that he wakes up more rested and relaxed later.

What to look for when choosing a blanket for your child?

The weighted blanket will only produce the best results if it is properly selected for the child using it. First of all, it must fit its height and weight. An additional advantage of weighted blankets is that they are made of the best quality materials, which are also anti allergenic.

Most often cotton is used and the blankets are filled with a special anti-allergic material. Each sensory blanket should be further reinforced inside so that it cannot be damaged nor accessed which would be dangerous, because the toddler could swallow the filling. When choosing a sensory blanket, take into account the individual needs of your child. For a child with visual hypersensitivity, you need to choose a blanket of the right color, which should be adapted to the child’s needs and preferably uniform, pastel (cannot be sharp and glaring) so it doesn’t stimulate the little one.

Many parents worry about using such a weighted quilt because it is slightly thicker than usual. They fear that the little one will be too hot under it. However, sensory blankets can be used all year round, due to the fact that they are made of only natural materials so they do not overheat the body.

Where can I buy such a sensory blanket?

In specialized stores with therapeutic products, as well as in shops with bedding and products for children. Blankets of this type can be found both in physical stores, such as IKEA, and online. It is possible to buy sensory blankets on the websites of manufacturers or specialized stores with therapeutic products, and they are also available even on Allegro. Prices of sensory duvets range from tens to even more than two hundred zloty. So they are more expensive than ordinary blankets, but it is worth paying more to ensure your child’s peace, proper rest and improve their sensory integration.

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