Cots for children – 15 information you need to know

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5 March 2020
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The cot is a basic piece of infant’s furniture, being where he spends most of his first days and months so it’s a good idea to invest in the best. It is necessary to consider all “pros and cons” to provide your baby with a cot perfectly adapted to his needs.

  1. Cot safety standards
    All parents want their child to have beautiful baby furniture, but safety is more important than beauty so make sure you check all the approvals of the baby cot. Before purchasing, whether it is an online purchase or in a physical store, check the compatibility of the cot certificates with the European standard. First of all, with PN-EN 716-1:1999 and PN-N 1130-1-2001.
  2. Size of the baby cot
    It is also important to take into account the size of the cot. Buying a small, newborn baby model will result in needing a new one very shortly. Much more advantageous will be a cot for a larger child, sufficient for 2-3 years of safe sleeping. Models with moving elements, which can convert a cot, and even a small couch for preschoolers. When choosing a size, you also need to take into account the size of the children’s room, where a cupboard, chair or a place to play are probably needed.
  3. Adjustable cot height
    A cot growing with a child is a great idea, as is most adjustable furniture. The bed with height adjustment is especially beneficial for parents. The available models have different types of adjustments, but a three-stage is really useful depending on the age of the child, they can be adapted to the toddler lying, sitting, crawling and walking. Adjustment is usually associated with the ability to change the cot to a larger bed, even with a container for bedding.
  4. Rungs in a baby cot
    An important element of the baby cot is the rungs. Before buying, look into the possibility of removing them, as well as optimal safe spacing of no less than 6 cm. When the child is safely mobile the rungs can be removed which will prevent climbing and possibly a greater distance to fall. Cots with removable rungs are comparably priced to those without.
  5. Drawer in a baby cot
    A baby cot with drawers is very functional. Models with 120×60 drawers are recommended to accommodate children’s bedding or the necessary accessories. Drawers save space and keep necessities at hand. Another possibility is a cot with drawers and a changing table combined, likely more expensive but great for handiness and space-saving.
  6. Making a baby cot
    If you’re planning on making your own cot, ensure that it is durable, robust and stable. The child will only lie in it very briefly; the following months he will start moving, jumping, jumping or walking on it. Wooden cots are more durable, safe if the wood is properly prepared. Make sure whatever paint or varnish is used meets standards for child safety and avoid making a cot with small details and dangerous edges.
  7. Patterns on a cot – visually appealing
    Although choosing baby furniture does not rely on appearance, it should not be completely overlooked. A baby cot should still be visually attractive. Ideally, when it fits with the décor of the whole room, and has a pleasing colour (preferably neutral: white, beige, light gray or pastel shades of pink or blue) it will give the room a pleasant, calm appearance. Hanging toys can be expressive, and stimulate the child’s development of the little one.
  8. Interesting additions to baby cots
    In online stores you can find numerous additions to children’s cots., Some of them have decorative and entertainment functions, as well as practicality. Rung protectors are useful for when the child grows and becomes mobile. Colourful hanging toys and mobiles and colourful bedding are fun for the baby between naps.
  9. Comfortable mattress
    Mattresses are usually sold separately, although some cots include them, with the additional expense. Buying a mattress for a baby is important as the child must be comfortable and safe. Like a cot, mattresses should be checked for appropriate certification, including materials used. Coconut mattresses, with flannel mat or buckwheat husk are recommended. Soft mattresses are not recommended for babies’ spinal development.
  10. Cradle instead of cot
    A baby cot with rungs and drawers is just one of the possibilities. Cribs for very young children are also recommended. The cradles that can be set up both in the children’s room and the parents’ room are stable, easy to move and give the child a sense of security.
  11. Movement of cradles for children
    A baby cot with rungs and drawers is just one of the possibilities. Cribs for very young children are also recommended kołyska dreamer. The cradles that can be set up both in the children’s room and the parents’ room are stable, easy to move and give the child a sense of security.
  12. Movement of cradles for children
    You can select a cradle model with specific motion. Most have standard side to side movement,but the Dreamer cradle is outstanding with its vertical movement, more natural for the child, familiar from life in the womb and it stimulates the work of the child’s brain.
  13. Bedding for baby cot
    While mattresses are sometimes part of the cot package, bed linen is unlikely to be included. So choose the bedding keeping in mind safety, softness and non-allergenic materials. The blanket should not weigh down the toddler’s fine body. In the first 2-3 months of life, many parents do not use pillows, although in stores you can find slightly raised models that allow you to keep the baby’s head slightly higher than the rest of the body.
  14. Baby cot with changing table
    A practical solution in the children’s room is a cot with a changing table. It’s easier to change the baby, especially at night because less movement is involved and the baby will not wake up too much. The changing tables can also be unhooked and moved elsewhere.
  15. Cost of buying a baby cot
    Prices of children’s furniture, including cots, vary widely and you will choose depending on your finances. Much depends on the model, manufacturer and, above all, the accessories. Cots for babies with a changing table, dresser, drawer or the possibility of changing into a couch are much more expensive than the standard version with rungs and without a mattress.

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