Cot for twins – which one to choose? Check the advice of the parents of the twins.

Baby cot – what should you choose? Dad and mother of three children advise
27 February 2020
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12 March 2020

The prospect of twins appearing in the world is usually a surprise for parents. Suddenly, everything they planned for one child must double. It is not only more love and joy, but also a larger layette for the comfort of each of the little ones.

Baby cot – small or large

Just because the twins spent 9 months together doesn’t mean they’ll always want to be close to each other. Of course, sleeping babies warm up, hug each other or provide company, but the amount of time they sleep together is usually short, generally 4-5 months, until they become more mobile and active. Some twins may not want to sleep in one cot at all, even for a short time.Rodzice bliźniaków zazwyczaj polecają zakup dwóch łóżeczek dla niemowląt, dla każdego dziecka jednego albo modelu podwójnego, z możliwością przedzielenia go na pół. Wtedy każdy z malców uzyskuje własną przestrzeń. Jest to istotne, gdyż im dzieci starsze, tym chętniej zaczepiają rodzeństwo, chcąc się bawić.

Parents of twins usually recommend buying two cots for babies, one for each child or a double model, with the possibility of dividing it in half. Then each of the children gets their own space. This is important as they grow older they become more like other siblings in their play. A cot is necessary even if the children sleep with their parents while they are breastfed. They should also have their own place of rest. If the baby is co-sleeping with the parents it is worth investing in railings for a large bed, which will protect baby from falling.

Sizes of baby cots

Developing space for two toddlers can be a real challenge.. Usually there is a predetermined measurement for children’s furniture. Standard models recommended by parents of twins are primarily 120cm x 120cm, but this is not a rule. There are online models and in some stores that are a few centimeters wider, i.e. having 125 cm x 127 cm. Another option is to order a cot constructed according to your own design, including both a place to lie down, as well as changing table accessories, a drawer for bedding or trinkets. In this situation, the dimensions can be adjusted to your needs. This is practical if your rooms are an unusual shape or it’s a very small area. However, place your order with the carpenter plenty of time in advance as the waiting time is longer.

Cradles for twins

Cradles are of course associated with a child’s room to help babies sleep, including twins. However, parents of twins emphasize that although cradles are great and the rocking helps, you need to take into account the short duration of their use.

If parents do want a cradle for the first 4-5 months it’s best to choose the Dreamer cradle Not only is the cradle stable and large in size, its up and down movement is better for children, being natural, calming, and at the same time positively influencing their development. In addition, it is the right height and easy to move when you’re lying down and allows you to raise the mattress a little higher, ensuring the child is safe from choking.

Baby cot with extras

A baby cot with practical accessories is useful for twins. The parents of the twins suggest purchasing a changing table or drawers and a chest of drawers and have them positioned in the room, within easy reach.
Some cot models have a changing table, with built-in drawers and even a chest of drawers. In cots for twins, drawers are readily available.

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