Children’s furniture – 10 guidelines to keep in mind

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6 February 2020
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20 February 2020

Children’s room furniture has so many options that choosing can seem overwhelming. Cots for children with storage for bedding, children’s dressers with drawers, baby lockers, cradles … so many to choose from!

You can follow the suggestions below to narrow down your selection and choose the best for your child.

  1. Baby changing table
    A changing table is a must for babies and young children. Keeping safety foremost, choose a solidly constructed changing table with a safety strap, smoothly rounded corners and at least a low handrail to prevent falls. Inbuilt shelves will increase stability and ensure convenient storage space for diapers and baby clothes.
  2. Children’s chest of drawers
    Many people use a chest of drawers or a chest of drawers topped with a waterproof pad as a changing table, but drawers are less convenient than shelves, and the lack of handrails can be risky. If you want to use a traditional dresser as a changing table, upgrade it with the straight profiling rails available at your local furniture store and make sure they are finished smoothly.
  3. Children’s toys
    The larger the child, the smaller their toys. Blocks and beads in particular slide with annoying regularity into all possible places and holes. To keep small toys out of the way of younger siblings, store them in boxes on higher shelves. Stylish boxes add a colorful, friendly atmosphere to your room and make it easy to find what you need. Knowing exactly where things are means organisation is more efficient at all times, but especially when you’re in a hurry.
  4. Furniture for children
    When children start school, they will appreciate furniture that will help them organize: homework, sports equipment and personal treasures. Until then, teach children to maintain order in their things, providing as many open or transparent boxes, containers and baskets as they need for their toys. Remember that even the youngest can be taught not to walk on the carpet where scattered toys lie (to prevent falls), and older children should be taught to keep their smaller toys out of the reach of small siblings. Catalogs and stores specializing in children’s articles and accessories for the children’s room, now offer ingenious, good-looking solutions available for different preferences.
  5. Cabinets for children
    When your baby grows out of a cot or cradle, he’ll need a bedside table to put a glass, lamp or bedtime books. Children’s tables with rounded corners are preferred,with an additional shelf for children or a drawer for convenience.
  6. Bookshelves and other furniture for children
    If you have a small bookcase with two shelves, a small chest of drawers, and even a child’s wardrobe with two drawers, you can attach a round or oval countertop made of wood or solid material. If your children love pillow fights, then a wall lamp is preferable to a bedside table lamp.
  7. Children’s desk
    A child usually does their homework and has a computer on their desk. Children’s desks with drop-down keyboard shelves are available in any size and style, so there’s no problem matching it to any space or decorative scheme.
  8. Children’s tables and chairs
    Younger children will be happy with the table and chairs at the right height, and even larger children sometimes prefer to do homework in the kitchen or on the table in the family room. When buying a table or chair for a child, be sure to ensure its correct posture and choose the right size.
  9. Children’s lamp
    Good lighting will help you to take care of your child’s eyesight, so it should not be located only on the ceiling. Make sure that your child has the right lighting, which will ensure their comfort in work and play.
  10. Cradle or bed?
    Most people associate a child’s rest and restful sleep with a cot, however the DREAMER vertical cradle is perfect for ensuring good sleep for many months. kołyska wertykalna DREAMER. Specialists recommend the use of DREAMER vertical cradles that meet the highest kołysek wertykalnych DREAMER, European standards regarding safety.

Remember that your child’s health and safety are the most important things so arrange his room with that in mind to ensure maximum benefits now and for their future.

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