Baby furniture – what should you remember?

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13 February 2020
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27 February 2020

Choosing furniture for a baby room is a challenge for parents, the fundamental factor is safety. What should you consider when choosing individual furniture for an infant?

Safety comes first

Above all, furniture for babies should be safe. When looking for suitable furniture, pay attention to whether they meet safety standards set by the European Union. Each piece of furniture should undergo tests in special laboratories, who issue certificates that prove furniture safety. Remember that safety standards vary depending on the type of furniture i.e cots, cabinets and changing tables all have different standards.

Baby cot

The cot is the most important piece of furniture to buy for your baby. In the first year of his life, an infant spends up to 300 days in it. What should you look for when choosing a cot? Firstly is the density of rungs. The toddler must not be able to put their head between the rungs. Remember that the child will grow and when he is older, then the cot must be secured so that the toddler is not able to move it around. The height adjustment of the mattress is also important.

The mattress should be placed high for a newborn, which is helpful for parents’ backs when they need to bend down to tend to their child. However, when the toddler starts to sit up and then get up in the crib, the mattress must be lowered so that the child cannot fall nor try to climb out.

Safe cradle

Cradles also have rungs which must be properly densely positioned so that the child does not put their head between them and squeeze through, which would cause a serious fall. Also the type of cradle is important. Rocking is actually the first activity an infant experiences. It stimulates the vestibular system, and thus sensory integration by providing the child with motor stimuli.

The best rocking direction is up and down. Such swaying even supports the development of speech and auditory perception. It also strengthens the sense of security, because the toddler can associate these movements with rocking in their mother’s arms or with the movement felt in the womb. The best choice will be a vertical cradle, kołyska wertykalna, which allows you to swing in the up-down direction, unlike most classic cradles which move from side to side.

Safe cabinets and tables

For cabinets and tables, the most important safety issue is rounding the edges, especially the corners. A child who is already walking and running can easily hurt his head on sharp edges. The safeguards are designed to minimize the risk of injury. Many one year olds are starting to walk, and beginning to have various ideas, including climbing on furniture. All cabinets and tables must therefore be stable so that they do not fall over if the toddler climbs on them. Neither should they be too high so climbing children will not fall too far.

Other baby furniture

In addition to the above-mentioned basic furniture, changing tables and high chairs are also useful. The changing table must be secured against falling on a toddling child..

The high chair must be also stable so that the toddler can not knock it over. Appropriate safeguards are also required to prevent the toddler from lowering climbing from the chair and falling. The chair should also have a wide leg spacing, and in the case of wheels – a blockage that will prevent it from sliding while serving food.

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