Children’s room for a boy – children’s room for a girl – what are the main differences in the arrangement

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30 January 2020
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Arranging a children’s room is not easy because children start having preferences early. Often boys and girls have separate interests, which is an additional challenge when looking for ideas for your children’s room..

Room for a girl – how to plan it?

A girl’s room does not have to be pink but it is often brighter than a boy’s room. with pastel colours that are both pleasing to the eye and neutral. If the room is small light colours will give the appearance of space.

The room usually has the bed in the center. There are many choices for girl’s cots, including specialised designs such as a house or castle which should be both practical and decorative. Castle-shaped beds often have a sleeping pit, while on the side there is a ladder or built-in steps that allow you to enter the upper part of the bed. This can be a nook for the child or an additional place to sleep. tipi.Girls may also be interested in a teepee which can function as a hideout, a playground with dolls and stuffed animals, a place for an afternoon nap or imaginative play with others. Teepees are practical and lightweight, moveable around the room and between rooms.

Extras in the girl’s room

A girl’s room and its arrangements are usually more colourful than boys’. Painted walls can be decorated with patterned stickers chosen by the girl. Flowers, animals, fairy-tale characters, and princesses are perfect for decorations. Curtains with colour motifs also look good. Normal white curtains are not attractive to toddlers, but brightly decorated or curtains with motifs are great. Boys often like curtains or blinds with cars or robots, rockets or other exciting designs, which bring originality to the room and encourage its use. The same range of designs applies to rugs or carpets. In the girl’s room, it is good to put a soft, multicolored rug under the table, so that the place for imaginative, creative games will be more elegant.

Children’s furniture is also an important issue. A girl’s room is often dominated by lighter colours or furniture with colourful doors. Stores offer whole sets of furniture adapted to the size and age of children, e.g. white, and doors or drawers in a variety of colours which makes the room look pleasant and interesting.

Boy’s room – what to put in it?

The main difference between a girl’s room and a boy’s room is primarily the colours. For boys, interior design more often includes blues, shades of gray or stronger colours or red. However red is not recommended for young children as it is quite visually aggressive and over-stimulating. Furniture colours tend to be more subdued using browns or more classic colours, with combinations of gray and white, or black and white, depending on the age of the child. Often boys’ rooms have bunk beds, with a ladder on which the boy can climb, and some models have small slides so the child can slide straight to the floor. Carpets or rugs imitating traffic lanes, routes for cars, ships and even rockets are still fashionable. It encourages imaginative play, just by pulling the toys out of the cabinet or storage crate. Such crates are practical if the boy has a large number of smaller toys that would cause chaos on the shelves. In addition, the chest can take the form of a pirate treasure chest, with a pirate flag with a skull to encourage cleaning and like the teepee, tipi. it will then be part of many fun games. The multitude of colours and patterns of the materials means they can be part of children’s and boys’ rooms regardless of their age.

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