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It may seem that arranging a child’s room to be simple and pleasant is straightforward. However, the options are vast, and making choices may not be so easy?


Everything at hand

  • One room may be set up as a kindergarten while another is for an infant. Generally, the central furniture is a baby cot and within reach, are other children’s furniture such as a chest of drawers and a changing table.
  • You can also choose a cot that comes with a changing table and drawers or a chest of drawers which is recommended for a small room. Thus there will be space for additional elements such as a lamp, table, chair or rocker for a parent, useful for night feeding.
  • The colour set for the baby room should be subdued. Although your toddler will be stimulated by vivid colors, it’s better to get toys (e.g. carousel above the cot) in such colours, instead of painting the walls. White, light gray, beige with colour accents will work much better.

A bed or baby cot

This is an essential element of every room for a child both infants and older ones. It’s recommended to think about what the future holds when buying a baby cot, so choose one that can be turned into a couch or a longer bed for an older child. When decorating a room, you should also think about a bed with drawers. Storing the bedding in them will keep their cleanliness and freshness for longer, because children like to run, jump, and later invite friends to sit on the bed. In addition, the bedding drawer also means order, and if necessary you can store other things in it.

Children’s furniture can also be very creative. For preschool girls, there are beds in the shape of houses, locks, including two-story ones, which often have additional shelves and drawers. The original interior is also practical.

Storage area in the children’s room

Regardless of the child’s age, it is important to create a storage area in the children’s room, adapted to the child’s age. This is especially important when a boy becomes a preschooler and it’s time to teach him how to keep order in his own environment. When the child’s room is small, standard-size wardrobes overwhelm the small space. In this situation, it is better to invest in a wardrobe to size, building space from floor to ceiling. It is easier to divide clothes into seasonal clothes and store toys so that they do not mess up the room. Older children can separate a reading corner or a computer in the closet. Sliding doors make it easy for your child to open and close without risking their fingers getting caught.

Take full advantage of the space under the bed or on top of a traditional wardrobe, by placing containers or boxes there, suited to the room of the boy and girl. One wing of the wardrobe can be covered with paint, resulting in an interesting entertainment corner.

Space for children’s creativity

A children’s room is a play area. It is here that doll parties are held, fun in the store, playing doctor, railway trains, races, and also riding around for a very young child and where imagination and creativity are developed. So give thought to the creative space when arranging the room. It can be separated using different wall colours or wallpapers which now have a variety of designs.

The creative corner can contain logical toys, various sorters and puzzles, and places painted with blackboard or magnetic paint for painting and drawing, as well as a table for paints, crayons or block constructions. Thus your child can realize his first passions.Decorating a child’s room is not easy, especially when it is small or needs to be divided into two. However, with the currently available equipment, you can successfully do it so that it is comfortable for a child of any age.

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