Scandinavian style in a children’s room – be like the painter Carl Larsson, a precursor of this style

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16 January 2020
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Scandinavian interior design style is very fashionable. It was created by swedish painter Carl Larsson and had instant success throughout the world. It is worth considering this style for your children’s bedroom.

What is the Scandinavian style?

Scandinavia is often associated with cold, snow and long nights. Scandinavian style therefore uses bright colours and light, which brightens the room even on a gloomy, dark day. White dominates with shades of blue and pastel shades of other colours.

This is accompanied, of course, by characteristic Scandinavian additions, contrasts, as well as minimalism. Children like colour, and the children’s room is associated with warmth and pleasure, and this style can fit perfectly into the children’s room because of the way the pastel colours warm the room.

Room for a child in scandinavian style

White and pastel are perfect colors for children’s interiors, and especially for the boy’s room and the delicate, pastel pink curiously warms the cold interior for the girl. Colourful contrasting accessories can be used for white walls, depending on the parents’ imagination.

Scandinavian style is perfect for small rooms. Wooden furniture is painted white, so white cot or cabinets will fit perfectly. The floor is decorated with carpet or carpeting in geometric patterns. It is also a great idea to put a white teepee in the room. Children love tents where they can sometimes hide from the world. A Scandinavian styled room is great for a small child, as well as school age children, with the addition of a white desk, a bunk bed and a white book shelf.

White walls look great decorated with original drawings made by the child, maybe together with the parent, which the child will enjoy creating and make the room even more attractive to him. Interesting stickers can also be applied to the white walls.

Lighting is also important in the Scandinavian style, especially spot lighting. So you can light the room with various small lights, perhaps eliminating the ceiling light altogether. Contrasting coloured fabrics are also important in the Scandinavian style, including the carpet, blankets, armchair covers, and curtains.

Room multifunctionality

Children’s rooms are multifunctional. Children usually spend a lot of time in their rooms. While the infant can be entertained there in his cot, the older child will do much more, because it will be a place to learn and have his friends over. Functionality is important in the Scandinavian style so furniture should be light and not take up too much space. It is also a perfect style for both boys and girls.

This style is excellent for arranging a shared room for two children. Preparing a room for two children of different sexes, can be a challenge. However the features of the Scandinavian style makes it easy.

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