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7 January 2020
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23 January 2020

Buying a baby cot is important and many parents consider it even before the birth of the baby. However children grow quickly so consider a growing bed for your child, to cut expenses and save on changing furniture.

Baby cot and baby cot

The first purchase of parents is usually a baby cot. If you decide against a cradle, including the perfect Dreamer cradle with vertical movement, kołyskę dreamer a good choice is a cot that can adapt to the needs of a growing child.

For the first 18 months the adaptable cot will be used for a child to lie down, then gradually move, sitting up and crawl. Therefore, its design requires protection in the form of rungs, and a low-positioned mattress for the child who can sit and stand. However, as the child grows and needs more space choose a model in advance that can be converted into a couch with a bed linen drawer or a longer bed.

This solution is very practical, because children grow rapidly and spending a large sum on a baby cot for only 6 months can strain the household budget. It is more beneficial to invest in good furniture that will last for years.

Sliding bed with restrictions

Usually a two-year-old child will no longer sleep with her parents and can move to her own bed. At this time a cot with a slide barrier can be replaced with a longer model, including ones whose length can be gradually increased for up to age 7, as well as replacing the mattress for one more suited to an older child.

For a 2-3-year old, it is a good idea to buy a low bed without feet, with the mattress located on a wooden rack directly on the floor. This is especially useful for small children who rotate and twist in their sleep. Or you can have a low barrier installed on the bed for safety. Other safe beds come in surprising shapes, e.g. house. This is a four-poster bed and encourages a good sleep.

Corner bed for the child

From 5 years onwards, the child has different needs for their bedroom, apart from just a bed and storage. Consider a small desk, wardrobe, and a space where toys can be kept or displayed. In such a situation, the corner bed is an interesting and aesthetic solution. It does not occupy the whole room or the whole wall and if its base is relatively long then it can last for years.. When the child is still young you can put a baby blanket on the bed to make it more cozy.

Bed with extra space

Finding the right bed for twins can be a challenge, especially as they grow. A bed with a retractable sleeping area will save space, provide children with closeness, and serve for many years. Available models have plenty of room and the child will be comfortable. It’s a good bed for boys as well as for girls and makes it easy to sleep, play and talk together.

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