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11 December 2019
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7 January 2020

Is your little one ready for a baby cot? Here are tips on how you can find out and why Dreamer cradle is currently the most recommended children’s furniture.

“I want to leave!” Whilst your young child may not be able to actually say these words, they may express dissatisfaction or, more likely, just stop falling asleep peacefully in a cradle, so a change is needed.

Although there is no set age when the toddler is ready to leave the cot, they usually do so around 18 months. Time is different for each child, but special attention should be paid to the comfort of sleeping, resting and safety.

Choosing a bed for a toddler

You have two options for choosing a bed for your child:

  • a child’s bed, which looks like a mini version of a double bed (to add variety, it may look like a race car, fire truck or princess castle),
  • standard beds for children, which are available in different options; with additional drawers, baby bed linen storage, book shelf, equipped with safety railings, etc.

Regardless of the new bed you choose, make sure that it meets the following conditions:

  • It’s solid. There will be a lot of rolling, jumping, spinning and bouncing on this bed, so make sure it can withstand any childish antics.
  • Low above the ground. The bed at the lowest level reduces damage from falls and makes it easier for the child to climb and descend on their own.
  • Equipped with side handrails. The bed should be equipped with side rails or allow their addition.
  • Properly designed. Select a headrest and footrest without ornaments, notches or studs to prevent head-to-head or finger-pressing. Make sure that the finish is smooth and all edges are rounded.
  • Matched to the mattress. It is best to buy a bed and a mattress together to make sure they’re well matched (or buy a children’s bed, which is designed for use with a standard cot mattress).
  • Certified.

Cradle, an alternative to cot

A good crib or cradle can give you time to yourself while your child is napping or sleeping peacefully at night., Experts confirm that this Dreamer vertical cradle is the best choice out of all the cribs and cradles. It is comfortable, robust, versatile and inexpensive enough to buy without significantly straining your budget.

A safe sleeping area is one of your child’s basic needs, so the Dreamer vertical cradle will become the centerpiece of any child’s room. To begin with, you don’t necessarily need a full-size cot, and a cradle can be a pleasant element that will save room space.

Remember that whatever you choose kołyski DREAMER, bringing the DREAMER cradle home can mean positive changes in your’s and your child’s life. And also a commitment to the safety of yourchild. The Polish Association of Pediatricians recommends that children have their own sleeping space and the use of medium or high hardness mattresses. The DREAMER vertical cradle will provide both.

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