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We offer a wide selection of products for children belonging to the manufacturer. We make all our products only in Poland, by hand, with great attention to detail!

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Dropshipping is to deliver the ordered goods from our warehouse straight to the customer..

We attach an account/invoice sent to us by the partner and also deal with full after-sales service, i.e. guarantees, refunds, complaints, etc.

We provide our business partners with all materials, i.e. photos and product descriptions.

We offer assistance in integration with online stores in technical matters.

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Premium Dreamer cradle.
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What makes a cradle DREMER she is unique?

Modern design of intelligent cradle and unique design.

The appearance and intelligent design distinguishes the DREAMER cradle from the others currently available on the market.

The cradle’s unique movement "along the axis of the body", helps the baby feel secure during sleep, supports the nervous system and develops emotional intelligence.

The cradle is made from the highest quality selected beech wood imported from Austria, and treated with Bio Oil and ecological paints suitable for children.

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What else do we offer

Cradle Dreameris a 3-in-1 multi-functional extra bed

  • Cradle with intelligent movement "along the body axis"
  • Extra bed for parent's bed
  • rocker

With this cradle you can rock your toddler in two ways that aid his development: Classic "sideways" movement and "forward-backward" movement.

This first cradle movement stimulates the production of neuronal connections in the brain, which increases the child's intellectual potential. The "front-back" movement positively affects the development of the vestibular system of the brain.

Babies whose vestibular system is regularly stimulated by rocking gain weight faster,see and hear earlier.. The vestibular system is responsible for the coordination of vision and hearing with movement, as well as for balance, posture and physical fitness.

Therefore these special cradles are well worth your consideration. Additionally, the "front-back" movement is a natural rocking movement similar to being in the parent’s arms, so the baby will associate it with safety and peace.

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An innovative approach to product design and use according to the slowlife method.

Why choose a cradle? DREAMER and OUR COMPANY?

  • Movement supporting child development
  • Greater comfort for mother and child
  • Maximum security
  • Investment for years
  • Simple assembly and mobility
  • A modern carpentry shop with a structured production process
  • Cradle certification process in the best centers
  • Cooperation with experienced carpenters and a qualified team.

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How we work:

  • we offer unique products
  • we provide full support (marketing, logistics, substantive)
  • you choose which form of cooperation is best for you
  • for us, no company is too large or too small. We approach each customer individually and act on joint success.

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