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30 December 2019
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16 January 2020

The child’s bed is usually the center of their room not only for infants who spend a lot of time in it, but also for older children. It is often a place of children’s imagined adventures, numerous games, as well as time spent reading with parents. So it’s important to choose well from the beginning.

Types of cots for children

Baby furniture is available in many varieties, so it’s good to be familiar with all the options. The choice of model depends primarily on the age of the child, as the infant has different needs to the preschooler

  • An adjustable wooden cot is still the most popular type and a frequent choice. Look for a model with height adjustment, because initially the baby should lie higher, and later when sitting and standing the mattress can be lowered for safety.
  • A cot with a changing table is practical for babies, especially if the changing table can be detached and reattached. This facilitates dressing, mainly at night so the baby does not have to be woken too much. More extensive models have built in drawers or dressing space.
  • A cot with movable rungs has the dimensions of a standard cot with the added possibility of removing the rungs or lowering the entire side. It is very practical for nursing mothers at night because the side of the crib slides down and you can move the baby closer without getting up.
  • A cradle for the first 4-5 months is a good decision as they make it easier to sway the child to sleep and in this market, Dreamer cradles are the best. Their main advantages are the stability of kołyski dreamer. the structure and the vertical rocking motion which requires less effort on the part of parents and is beneficial for the baby.

Cots in sizes 60/120 cm or 70/140 cm are usually available in stores. For the latter, it is possible to change them with the child’s growth. Proper folding allows you to prepare a couch for an older child and use it up to 4-5 years of age.

Mobility of children’s beds

A good cot should also be mobile. A cot on wheels is a good idea for the first months of life, regardless of whether it is a standard, wooden or cradle cot. During the first months, the child often sleeps in the parents’ room and have their own room so wheels make it easy to maneuver furniture and provide the baby with a calm, safe place for all naps.

Baby cot safety

Cots should be safe so be sure to check their certificates and approvals in accordance with Union standards before purchasing. Whether it’s a baby cot, a cradle with a canopy or a cot for a two-year-old or older child, the material of the workmanship and the stability of the furniture are important. Children are busy. They jump, climb, walk, including on the bed and in the cot. The design should withstand intense bouncing and pressure on the details and railings.

The fixtures in cots should only be able to be operated by parents. The child should not be able to move them

Accessories for baby cots

A good baby cot should not have too many accessories. Rather than toys, invest in a carousel over the cot with plush, colorful elements. Do not put pillows in with an infant, but an older child can have pillows especially in different shapes and colors. The same goes for baby bedding. The more colorful it is, the more pleasant it is for the child to lie down in bed. Many toddlers resist their resting time so it is worth encouraging it.

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